Wingsurfing, wingfoiling, wing foiling (or whatever you want to call it) is the exciting new wind-powered watersport that is taking the world by storm!

@George Guille Media talks to Olli about his experiences learning to Wingfoil with Nelson Watersports at Nelson Yacht Club.

Flying over the water on a board with a hydrofoil, using a lightweight and easy to handle wing to generate power and speed from the wind is simply an awesome feeling.

Yes, there’s a bit of a learning process… and you certainly do a bit of crashing, but riding the board / foil feels like endless surfing – really ‘free’ and with no mast attached to the board you can pump it.

Ben is our wingfoiling guru and has been teaching this exciting new sport for a year already, having spent time with Madloop Windsurfing on Auckland’s North Shore.

Wingsurfer getting air

Wingfoiling Lessons

We teach wingfoiling on a one-on-one basis. This ensures a high-quality experience and the ability to tailor the tuition to your needs. We’ll often start with an introduction to basic wing handling on shore, before progressing to riding a beginner windsurf board (non-foiling). Once you’ve got the hang of the basic techniques of getting up, flying the rig, sailing around, steering and pumping, it is time to move onto a board with a foil and look towards ‘first flights’!

When learning to wingfoil, the instructor will often be in a powerboat to provide safety, support and coaching. For more advanced sessions they may be on their own wingfoiling equipment.


Lessons are charged on our private tuition rate of $99/hr.

We also offer a block of 5 lessons for $396.

Wingfoiling Equipment

The equipment is just getting better and better at the moment, with increasing performance in wings and foils. Our school gear is predominantly from Naish and Moana SUP NZ. Ben has extensive experience riding a wide variety of equipment – perfectly placed to guide you towards the kind of set-up that you might like to purchase.