Windsurfing lessons and rentals in Nelson are now available from Nelson Watersports, based out of Nelson Yacht Club, on Rocks Road.

Windsurfing is an iconic sport that involves harnessing the power of the wind with a sail and channelling it through your body to drive a board along over the water. It has a huge variety of disciplines to suit anyone from the most laid-back, cruisy types, to hardcore adrenaline junkies. It is a sport that people can learn from the ages of around 7 to 70!

Simon's first windsurfing lesson!With modern equipment, good conditions, and the right instruction, it is a very easy sport to learn… you can be up and gliding across the water in a matter of minutes! With a little more instruction, you’ll be able to steer where you want to go and make ground towards & away from the wind.

Once you have developed an awareness of how to control the power in the sail and how to balance your bodyweight against this power, you can learn to use a harness. This allows you to use bigger sails and start going faster. It also helps take some of the strain off your arms!Getting Planing with windsurfing lessons

Venture out in a bit more breeze and you’ll start to get planing, where the board starts to skip across the top of the water instead of pushing through it… the difference in speed is dramatic. Most windsurfers could tell you the time and place that they first experienced the sensation of getting planing. If you weren’t already hooked before… you will be now!

Nelson Watersports offers initial 90 minute tasters for only $60. For more details check out the Lessons page.

Equipment rental starts from $30 per hour. Check out the hire page for more details.

Windsurfing in New Zealand is supported by WNZ who oversee the training and qualifying of instructors.