Monaco can offer some fantastic flat water and bump & jump sailing. It is another location that is very tide dependant and there are a couple of launch spots.


You can park and rig up along the western beach front, on Martin Street, and sail across the channel towards Oyster Island. On very high tides, you can park and rig up at the Monaco Reserve, which has public toilets.

There is a nice wee cafe at the end of the peninsula called the Crusty Crab, that is open at weekends and the Honest Lawyer pub is on the mainland.

Monaco in a wintry SW

Ideal wind and tide conditions:

Spring High Tides allow sailing from the Reserve in the inlet between the peninsula and the airport. This can be great flat water in a strong sea breeze or NW an hour or so either side of high tide.

Sailing from Martin St should be avoided until the sandbank has become fully exposed. Otherwise it can be a bit of a surprise as the tide drops. Due to the strong currents, it is unwise to sail at mid-tide during springs.

With the way the Sea Breeze cell works, Monaco can have quite different conditions to Atawhai. For example, the strongest part of the sea breeze can vary between The Glen at the northern end of the Boulder Bank to Monaco. So sometimes you can be wallowing at Atawhai, whilst someone else is blasting about at Monaco.

Also, when the Sea Breeze is fighting a strong SW gradient and conditions become light and variable in Nelson, you could have a strong sea breeze at Atawhai and a strong SW at Monaco.

It is sometimes possible to sail all the way over to Rabbit Island and cover some big distances!