Akersten Street

Access to the waters of the Nelson Haven can be gained via a small concrete path from a car park at the corner of Akersten Street.


There is a good (if a little small) car park, and a grassy Akersten Street Windsurfing Locationarea to rig kit.

The area is popular with fishermen so please be considerate. It should be very easy to stay well clear of their lines as they generally stay along the bank of the river.

There are public toilets a short way away at the southern end of the marina. They are near the Anchor Inn, which is the local watering hole!

If your downhaul or outhaul is looking a bit worn, or worse still, breaks! Burnsco isn’t far away.


Ideal wind & tide combo: N-NW winds, low to mid tide.

Learn To Windsurf with Nelson WatersportsThis location is the ‘go to’ spot for windsurfers when there is wind from the north (the sea breeze direction), and when the tide is turning or coming in (from an hour or so before low, to around mid-tide). In these conditions, the sand bars result in super flat water. When the winds are light, this is great for learning. When the wind is stronger it makes for a superb freestyle playground or a fantastic speed strip.

The spot can be sailed in any state of tide. However, much past mid-tide and the beach area is covered resulting in a tricky launch/land. Also, the sand bars start to get covered, which can be dangerous if you are unsure where they are.

If the wind is from the westerly quarter, you can launch from here and tack upwind to the boulder bank. Just inside the bank there is a deeper channel, and this can again provide some world class freestyle conditions / speed sailing conditions.

Akersten Street is also the only spot that works on a mid-to-low outgoing tide with southwesterly wind.Β  However, if you are sailing just either side of high tide, we’d probably opt for Atawhai instead.

The spot can sometimes work in a northeaster, with a high tide. The breeze can be seriously gusty as it rushes down off the hills and down the Maitai Valley.

An outgoing tide and a northerly wind should be avoided.