watersports gear for sale

At Nelson Watersports we are more than happy to give advice on what gear to buy, and where to get it from. We try and turn over some of our second-hand / ex-demo windsurfing gear regularly, so you might be able to pick yourself up a bargain. We’ll also keep our ear to the ground and try to let you know about any deals that we spot on Trademe!

Bic Sport windsurfing equipment for sale

Techno One-Design Racing

Nelson watersports is also the local distributor for Bic Sport windsurfing equipment. We can source the ever popular Bic Techno 293 One-Design and the various rigs, as well as their excellent range of free-ride gear. Check out this link for more details of new windsurfing gear from Bic, and contact us for details on pricing and delivery estimates.

Exocet windsurf boards for sale

Exocet have started manufacturing high quality boards from moulds from previous years that are no longer used. These moulds still produce excellent boards, but with a saving in the set-up costs, Exocet can produce a high quality board with a retail price starting at $899NZD. You can’t buy many decent second hand boards for that! Click on this link to www.nzsailing.net for more details on what boards are available and prices.

Rooster & Gul Sailing Gear from NZ Sailing Ltd.

We have stocked a number of items of Rooster and Gul clothing and can order more in on request. Have a look at the watersports clothing we generally have in stock. Also check out www.nzsailing.net to see what else we can order in for you. If you are happy to wait until we make our next order, we can save you the freight.

Sailing Boats for Sale

Sailing dinghies regularly come up for sale at Nelson Yacht Club and we can help put you in touch with the seller, and keep you up to date on what is available.

We can also recommend Topper Topaz boats. These are a range of roto-molded plastic boats that are built in the UK. They have been proven worldwide as excellent, durable, family / training boats. They are easy to rig and sail, maximising your time on the water. Follow this link to the Topper UK site for more information on the boats available.