Leaders in Training

Leaders in Training

Programme Aims:

  • To develop the knowledge and skill base to teach basic sessions to groups of kids
  • To feel like you’ve gained more leadership abilities and would be comfortable leading a group through a task
  • To feel you can relate to others with different learning styles
  • To become more productive in your personal life with goal setting and planning
  • To have fun!

Programme structure:

Term 4: Sunday mornings 09:30 – 11:30, 8 weeks from 30th October
Assist with at least one session of Term-Time-Training

Summer Holidays: Assist for at least 1 full week of the summer holidays

Term 1: Sunday mornings 09:30 – 11:30, 8 weeks from 12th February
Assist with a full term of Term-Time-Training

Programme content (including, but not limited to):

  • Instructor/coach roles & responsibilities
  • Leadership – what does it mean?
  • Safety & risk assessing
  • Re-capping and developing knowledge of the basic theory elements
    • knots,
    • parts of the boat/sail,
    • launching/landing,
    • How a Sail works & The Points of Sail,
    • Tides,
    • Wind and weather,
    • Shorebased games & On-water games,
    • Land drills
  • Presentation Skills
    • body language, instructor ‘voice’ confidence, use of visual aids / presentation aids
  • Teaching/Instructing/Coaching Theory
    • Personality types
    • Learning & Teaching styles
  • Teach the group a new skill not sailing related
  • Personal sailing skills as relevant to instructing
    • Follow the leader, dry capsizing, sailing through your voice
  • Course Planning & Session Planning
  • The “Instructor Tool Box”
  • Powerboat driving (for those 15 and over)
  • Fundraising

Most of the sessions will be led by you, the candidates, with the trainer (Steph/Tim) guiding the discussion, providing feedback and overall direction. Some will be led by the trainer. There will also be a small amount of background reading, preparation and planning required outside of the programme times.

The cost of the programme will be shared up to five ways:

  • A commitment to voluntary work from the candidates
  • A contribution from Nelson Watersports Ltd. in time dedicated to the programme
  • A contribution from Nelson Yacht Club Inc. in the facilities, equipment and fuel for the programme
  • A contribution from parents – $160 for the season
  • Any fundraising and grant applications we can be successful with

If you are interested in applying for this programme, please get in touch. You can also download and complete the application form: NWL Leaders In Training – Application Form