Employment Opportunities

At Nelson Watersports we enjoy bringing in experienced instructors from outside Nelson to add to the team as well as developing our home-grown talent.

Sailing and Windsurfing Coaching Positions

Each season we typically employ at least one experienced sailing coach on a fixed-term, casual contract to help fulfil our coaching contracts with Nelson Yacht Club and Nelson Bays Youth Teams Racing Association (NBYTRA). For more details click here: Nelson Watersports LTD – 2017-18 Coaching Positions advert

This position can also suit experienced overseas coaches/instructors who are considering/planning to spend a year or so travelling in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa. For more details click here: http://nelsonwatersports.co.nz/about-nelson-watersports/working-holiday-opportunities/

We also have casual work from time to time for experienced instructors who are travelling through Nelson or staying for a while, so get in touch and let us know your skills.

Instructor Training & Development

Working on the Junior Watersports Programme as a sailing or windsurfing instructor is a great summer job whilst in the last years of school or in University holidays. Developing your instructing and coaching abilities can also take you around New Zealand and around the world.

Tim has trained and worked in Spain, Greece, Barbados, Mauritius and the UK before arriving and setting up home here in Nelson in New Zealand.

Steph Vining is just finishing her 7th summer in a row after working with us, a season at Camp America and two seasons at the Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre – arguably one of the most renowned RYA training centres in the world at the 2012 Olympic venue of Weymouth in the UK. She’s planning a break from watersports this winter, with a ski season living in a van on the cards – hopefully she makes it through to next summer!

If you think that you’d like to become an instructor and share your watersports experience with others, then we’d like to hear from you.

The minimum requirements we are working towards for paid positions are:

  • Yachting New Zealand “Assistant Learn to Sail Coach” Certificate (or equivalent)
  • Coastguard Boating Education “Club Safetyboat Operator” Certificate (or equivalent)
  • A minimum of two week’s experience assisting an experienced instructor
  • You need to be confident, and we need to be satisfied, that you are capable of looking after a group of up to 6 boats on the water.

How do you get there?

We encourage keen sailors to come and assist with our group sessions throughout the season. Volunteer your time, make yourself useful and learn from the instructors teaching the sessions. You’ll also learn a lot of the day-today running of the sailing/windsurfing school. We have weekly sessions on most days of the week during Terms 4 & 1, as well as 3-day and week-long courses in the school holidays. The younger you start, the more experience you will have by the time you can do the instructor course!

“Leaders in Training”

This is a new programme for 2016-17. We selected 8 successful candidates for a regular leadership and instructor training programme. We will aim to run this each season. For more details click here: http://nelsonwatersports.co.nz/about-nelson-watersports/leaders-in-training/